The Selangkah App feature that you’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

To those of you who had requested for a function that can check in yourself AND your family & friends, rejoice!

With Selangkah App’s all-new Bubble feature, you not only can check in with your family members, but also your close friends!

A ‘Bubble’ is a term commonly used during this pandemic to describe a limited group of people who frequently interact with one another. The practice of “Bubble” in countries like New Zealand helps to keep case number low while allowing social life and the economy to remain open.  

On the Selangkah App, the new Bubble function enables you to set up your own groups (called Bubbles) and add the respective members with whom you spend a lot of time together, like Family, Colleagues, and even Friends.

For example, Selena has a Bubble containing her best friends with whom she goes for yoga classes three times a week. She also has a Bubble that features four of her closest co-workers, and they go out for lunch together every day. 

This is how the Selangkah App’s Bubble function works. When Selena wishes to enter a restaurant with her co-worker Bubble, using the Bubble feature, Selena can ‘represent’ her companions and check in for all of them simultaneously.

The Bubble feature is also integrated with other Selangkah products. They include setting up a group appointment for an RTK/PCR screening test, registering for home quarantine monitoring as well as signing up for Covid-19 vaccination.

Very convenient, indeed! But Selangkah’s Bubble feature has a deeper purpose that goes beyond convenience.

Bubble benefits

There are two possible scenarios on how we can face this pandemic. On one extreme, we can choose to implement a total lockdown. However, there are disastrous consequences on the economy as well as the people’s mental health when they are forced into isolation.

On the other extreme, we can allow people to move about, but what’s waiting to happen is total chaos of crowding and exponential numbers of infection.

“We believe the Bubble feature is a midway compromise that can easily be adopted, as practised and encouraged in countries such as New Zealand and Taiwan,” said Selangkah founder and chief information officer Dr Helmi Zakariah.

“It was indeed intended to be a group check-in feature, but it was also designed as a cognitive and behaviour modification tool.”

With Bubble, you can have more in-person social interactions with close companions, while still potentially limiting the risk of Covid-19 transmission. 

“It doesn’t mean that you should go out and resume contact with everyone you know, but rather you commit to only hanging out with certain individuals. People can have their social connection in moderation, while the nation can have an economy that remains in motion,” added Dr Helmi.

Moving forward even further, Bubble will be used to understand environmental and group behavioural exposure to Covid-19, as we learn that many clusters are workplace-induced, in a bid to prepare Malaysians for long-haul and sustainable strategy.


“Kerana lingkungan anda, lebih daripada tanggungan”

Tutorial: How To Use The Bubble Function