YOU’VE been tested positive and you need to go to a Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) near you? Register first via the Selangkah App!

For your guidance, we’ve prepared a simple yet helpful tutorial on how to do it.

After your evaluation at the CAC, you will be either be sent to a hospital or a low-risk quarantine centre (PKRC), or you can proceed to undergo home quarantine.

If you are given permission to do the latter, you still need to register and check in via the Selangkah App, so that your health status can be monitored remotely. The method is pretty similar to CAC’s registration, but we’ve prepared a video for that as well.

How to register for Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC)

How to register for Home Quarantine

How to update your health status as you undergo home quarantine

For a safe and successful home quarantine, please remember to follow these practical guidelines

Isolation Room Preparation

Laundy Management

Waste Management