FAQ Screening

Is the Community Screening free?

Yes, it is. This is one of the many initiatives by the Selangor state government to curb Covid-19 transmission in the community.

What type of tests will be used at the screening?


How do I register for the Community Screening?

For Android users:
Download the Selangkah App. On the home page, tap on the Health button, and select Screening.

For iOS users:
Go to screening.selangkah.my and create a new account.

I have forgotten my username for my Screening Portal login. How do I retrieve it?

Send a WhatsApp message to +6014-302 5655 with your full name, IC number as well as the date and location of your Screening program.

Alternatively, email us with the same details at [email protected]

I have forgotten my password to my Screening Portal login. How do I retrieve it?

For Android users:  
1. On the Selangkah App, tap on the Health button.
2. Select “Screening”.
3. Tap on “Reset Password”.
4. Follow the instructions.

For iOS users:
1. Go to screening.selangkah.my on your browser.
2. Tap on “Reset Password”
3. Follow the instructions.

Can I register for my dependents for screening as well?

Yes. Follow these simple steps:
1. Register yourself through the Selangkah App (for Android) / screening.selangkah.my (iOS)
2. On the event day, just bring your dependent along to the registration counter, where we will assist in their registration.

What should I bring to a Screening program?

Your IC, passport or any form of ID (e.g. workers pass), and your mobile phone (optional).

How long does the Screening process take?

If you have pre-registered before attending the program, approximately 15 minutes. If you are a walk-in participant, usually it will take about 30 minutes. 

When can I get my screen test result?

It should be ready approximately within 24 hours from the time of your sampling.

How do I check my screen test result?

For Android users:
On the Selangkah App homepage, tap on the Health button and select Screening.

For iOS users:
Go to screening.selangkah.my. Log in as usual and tap on Screening in the menu tab.

Note: If your result still doesn’t appear after 24 hours, send a WhatsApp message to +6014 302 5655.

Include your full name, IC number as well as the date and location of your screening program.

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] with the same details.

Can the Screening program’s test result be used as part of my travel permission letter?
How can I get my screen test result in PDF format?

You can download it directly from the Results page.

Alternatively, send a WhatsApp message to +6014-302 5655 or an email to [email protected]

Include the following details for verification purposes: Your full name, full IC number, phone number and address that you have registered with Selangkah, and the date and location of the screening program that you had attended.

I live in Gombak, but I work in Klang. If there is a community screening in Klang, can I attend to get tested?
Priority is given to the residents of the area where a community screening is held.
When will there be a screening program in my area?
The Selangor community screening program is implemented after a careful scientific deliberation by the Selangor Task Force for Covid-19 (STFC).

Areas with a high number of active cases and a likelihood of widespread community transmission are prioritized in order to prevent further outbreaks.

While at this moment, your area may not be included but just in case, you should pre-register first so you’ll be notified of any updates.

Can I request for a private screening to be held at the old folks’ home/orphanage that I run?
You may contact the Selangor Task Force Operations at +6017-255 2843 for such inquiries.
Can I cancel my CAC (Home Monitoring Service) registration?
Yes. Please email [email protected] and include your name and IC number.