From where can I download the Selangkah App?
Just head on to Select your phone’s OS and you’ll be linked straight to the relevant app store
The Selangkah App isn’t compatible with my smartphone.
Try using our Progressive Web App (PWA) instead. No need to download anything! Just use your web browser and visit
How does the Selangkah App differ in terms of checking into a premise?
With the Selangkah App, you can either check in by scanning a MySejahtera QR code, or check in using the GPS function in your phone. Either way, your check-in data will be forwarded to the MySejahtera server, so your check-in is valid.
What to do if the police ask to see my scan receipt but it's not in MySJ app?

When you scan a MySejahtera code using the Selangkah App, the check-in receipt will be shown in the app’s Scan History function. If anyone asks to see it, you can access the History page and show them. 

Can I check in for my dependants using the Selangkah App?
Yes, with our new Bubble function. Learn more about Bubble through the link below:

What is the Bubble function for?
Bubble’ is a term commonly used during this pandemic to describe a limited group of people who frequently interact with one another. The practice of “Bubble” in countries like New Zealand helps to keep case number low while allowing social life and the economy to remain open.

On the Selangkah App, the new Bubble function enables you to set up your own groups (called Bubbles) and add the respective members with whom you spend a lot of time together, like Family, Colleagues, and even Friends.

For example, Selena has a Bubble containing her best friends with whom she goes for yoga classes three times a week. She also has a Bubble that features four of her closest co-workers, and they go out for lunch together every day.

When Selena wishes to enter a restaurant with her co-worker Bubble, using the Bubble feature, Selena can ‘represent’ her companions and check in for all of them simultaneously.

Learn more about the advantage of using Bubble here:

What services does the Selangkah App offer in terms of health?

Through the Health/Sihat button on the home screen, you will find the access to all of our Health-related services. With the Selangkah App, you’ll be able to register for

  • Covid-19 Screening
  • Covid-19 Assessment Centre check-in
  • Home Quarantine Update
How does the AfMAP work?
Selangkah’s AfMAP combines the best of Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, Machine Learning, Geospatial Intelligence and analytic tools to track the risks of exposure to the affected clusters and predict the next forthcoming outbreaks in the communities.

Here’s what you need to know about the map:

  1. The highlighted areas represent areas that have been identified to have a higher risk of Covid-19 transmission prospectively (specifically in the future). This is based on previous incidence, local population density and spread, mobility patterns, as well as other anonymous data.
  2. The highlighted areas DO NOT indicate the current whereabouts of any specific case. Rather, it indicates a high-risk area, as described in (1).
  3. The colour coding indicates the proportionality & likelihoods of emerging infection or clusters.
  4. The risk-stratification of an area is dynamic and built using an Inherent Risk of Contagion Modelling.

Learn more about AfMAP through the link:

Can I register for Covid-19 vaccine through the Selangkah App?
Registrations of interest for the Selangkah Vax Covid-19 vaccine is for companies and their workforce ONLY at this moment. Enrol your company at OR through the Selangkah App under Vax (Industry).

Details on registrations of interest for Individuals have yet to determined and confirmed by all parties. Please stay tuned for updates.