The World Health Organisation has outlined a global response strategy on the Covid-19 pandemic which includes Find (F), Test (T), Track (T), Isolate (I) and Support (S), and Vaccination (V).

In response to the WHO pandemic control, the Selangor state government has initiated various programmes that are executed through SELANGKAH’s various digital platforms.


  • F: FIND

ACURA aims to close the gap by improving the surveillance and dissemination of the data and facilitate the end user’s taking of appropriate actions using its machine learning algorithm and social determinants, thus maximising the utility of effort taken from upstream of the surveillance-to-action loop. This hallmark platform is a robust, real-time, multi-platform, and agnostic framework comprising web applications and mobile apps linked by a unified database.


  • T: TEST

The Selangkah Screening uses AI and a mass of health data to predict future Covid-19 hotspots around Selangor before these clusters emerge. The Selangor government will then conduct targeted community screenings at high-risk neighbourhoods based on the predicted hotspots locations to assist in Covid-19 tracking efforts.

This rapid review provides evidence on testing strategy for Covid-19 in a few epidemiological situations, including general population-wide testing, as well as targeted testing of individuals following a request from the Selangor state government for the possibility of strategy enhancement.


  • T: TRACK

The Selangkah App seeks to make it easier for all players to produce the Malaysian Government’s normal operating procedures, which involve the protocol of maintaining visitor logs on business premises. It is an on-the-cuff service that businesses may employ to assist in the nationwide contact-tracing initiative.

Selangkah is a QR-code-based automated entry registration system that is integrated at business premises. Upon registration, each business premise will be issued a special QR code, and customers are advised to scan the code with their smartphones and send basic details (name and phone number) to Selangkah.



The Home Monitoring feature in the Selangkah App reduces the burden in government hospitals to isolate and quarantine Covid-19 patients in Category 1 and Category 2.

With this feature, doctors will be able to monitor patients’ health updates throughout their 10 to 14 days of quarantine. Health professionals will also be able to decide whether the patients should continue or end their home quarantine, or admit them to the hospital.



Selangkah Wallet is an app that allows the government to send money to the public easily. By using this app, the distribution of the funds can be made systematic and more organised. The users can make a transaction via QR code scanning or they can withdraw the money into their bank accounts.

Meanwhile, Selangkah BIZ provides a platform for merchants, including those who operate at Ramadan bazaars, to accept touchless and cashless transactions from various e-wallets such as Touch n’ Go, GrabPay and Boost.



ImuniSel allows the public to register for their Covid-19 vaccination through the Selangkah App, and also targets digital illiterates and individuals without smartphones through Selangor’s outreach program of the same name.

Those who require technical assistance can ask others (volunteers) to help them register. They will each be given an ImuniSel Card which contains information on the owner’s respective vaccination appointment.

The registration data collected will then be submitted to MySejahtera and the Selangor Health Department (JKNS). This campaign is to encourage the registration rate of Covid-19 vaccination in Selangor.