Selangkah Partners With IATA

Daily Straits
August 26, 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 26: Selangkah Ventures Sdn Bhd (SVSB) with its partners group of laboratories and clinics have been authorised by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to issue certified COVID-19 test results  that can be used for the IATA Travel Pass programme. 
SVSB and IATA inked this strategic partnership to offer travellers a trusted and convenient experience for cross-border COVID-19 test requirements. 
This deal also provides them with a myriad of location options for when they wish to undergo testing in Klang Valley as part of their travel requirement. 
Earlier this year, IATA had developed the Travel Pass programme where its mobile app provides information on global travel requirements and presents its users’ verified COVID-19 test result or  vaccine certificates in order to meet COVID-19 entry restrictions. 
With this collaboration, SVSB’s laboratory test results will be certified for use for countries and airlines that are participating in the Travel Pass programme. 
“The travel and tourism industries are among the hardest hit. With this partnership with IATA, we hope to actively participate in facilitating the reopening of safe corridor travel in the region,” SVSB Chief Executive Officer Tengku Iesta Tengku Alaudin said.
“IATA has been at the helm of creating a digital standardisation for diagnostic reporting across the world, and we are proud to support its efforts in reopening the border safely,” added SVSB Chief Information Officer Dr Helmi Zakariah. 

Seamless and secure 

With the IATA Travel Pass app, users will be able to locate SVSB’s authorised laboratories where  they can undergo COVID-19 screen test. This applies not only to outbound but also inbound travellers who are required to get tested prior to flying to their next destination.
When a user gets screened, the test results will be sent directly to them via the app as a verifiable  credential.
The IATA Travel Pass complies with the Personal Data Act and employs high security to  prevent any potential forgery of test results. 
To produce an “OK To Travel” status for the user, the app in turn will cross-check the user’s result  against the IATA Travel Pass registry of national entry requirements. In the event of a positive COVID 19 diagnosis, the profile on their App will be marked in red with the status “Not OK To Travel”. 
The result of users’ screening test or their vaccination certificate can easily be shared with the relevant authorities and airline companies in order to facilitate their travel arrangements. 
“While vaccination confers protections for the travellers, a negative lab test result provides ease of mind to others in the destination country when one is to cross the border,” Dr Helmi said. 

Certified and trusted  

Customers can rest assured that since the beginning of the pandemic, the SVSB laboratories have conducted countless screen tests in a bid to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. A noted accomplishment was screen testing thousands of people who had participated in Selangor’s free Community Screening programme beginning late last year. 
All participating laboratories can be identified by a special sticker which will be showcased on their  respective premises.
SVSB thrives in this collaborative opportunity with IATA, all to ensure that their customers meet the  COVID-19 requirements needed for a safe and enjoyable travelling experience. 
“In the near future, Selangkah users’ timely lab results will be integrated with IATA and accepted across  participating airlines and countries,” Dr Helmi added.
The Selangkah App is currently available for download on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and  the Huawei App Gallery.