SELANGKAH started out as a platform-independent QR code register. Users could scan the Selangkah QR code using any generic scanner or phone camera.  

Today, it haevolved into a powerful tool that offers far more than contact tracing benefits. 

When the Selangkah mobile app was launched in February this year, we upgraded it into one with a Dual System Scanning function – Dual Scan, for short – that worked with both the Selangkah and the MySejahtera QR codes. 

Now that we are one year older, we think it’s only apt that it evolves into a multi-scanner with these uses: 

  1. Scan MySejahtera QR code 

Check into a premise by scanning a MySejahtera QR code using the Selangkah AppA valid scan receipt will be generated. 

  1. Scan Selangkah ID for Bubble function 

Scanning another person’s Selangkah ID QR code is one of the three easy methods of adding them to a Bubble. 

Learn more about our new Bubble function here. 

  1. Scan the QR code on ImuniSel Cards  

Selangor’s ImuniSel outreach program makes it easier for older folks and non-smartphone users to register for their vaccinesYou can help them to check their vaccination date and venue by scanning the QR on their Imunisel Cards. 

Learn more about the Imunisel program here.