Selangkah – “Step in, safely” is established to ensure the readiness of business and industry entities during business activities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Selangkah – is an automated sign-in system for business premises using simple and fast QR Code technology. This is in line with YAB PM’s call during a special press conference on May 1 urging business premise owners to register visitors’ attendance records at their premises.


Selangkah will help the government prevent and control the transmission of Covid-19 by identifying those who may be at risk of being infected at any business premise and venues that may be frequented by members of the public. The initiative has 3 simple objectives:

“Protecting business premises”
“Protecting customers”
“Help the frontliners”

Selangkah will empower the transformation of businesses to become more socially responsible, bringing about sustained profits and economic prosperity for the nation.

How To Register in Selangkah Website

How to Register your premises?

How To Scan Using Selangkah App

How to Scan using Selangkah app? (First Time-User)

How to Scan using Selangkah app? (Subsequent-User)

How To Scan Using Built-In-Camera

How to Scan using built-in-camera? (First Time-User)

How to Scan using built-in camera? (Subsequent-User)

Selangkah App Launch

FOR PREMISES OWNER: How to use Selangkah?

Register your business on the website www.selangkah.my

Print out the QR Code poster and display it at the entrance of your business premise

Visitors need to scan your QR code before entering the premise

The customer’s phone number entering the premises will be recorded with the date and time record

If there is a Covid-19 case the MOH officer can check the logs and identify the premise and customers at risk of Covid-19 infection. Follow-up action will be taken immediately

how to scan using the selangkah app?